ABOUT GARCIA NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY Welcome to Karsten Garcia Pedersen Photography, an online collection of images by Karsten Garcia. Karsten Garcia Pedersen is an danish bird & nature photographer with an affinity for exploring and capturing the wild in Denmark. Please feel free to look through our collection and immerse yourself in the world of Garcia Nature Photography.

Arctic Tern photo taken In Denmark.

Arctic Tern

MY INTEREST in photography sprang from, my hobby as a birder. This eventually turned into a love of photography for its own sake and today I use more time with photography of the nature, then only bird watching. The way wildlife photographs sitting and waiting for the best camera shot, is what I like and quickly I set down my tripod-mounted rig and switched to my Nikon camera, on which I keep a 400mm lens mounted. Then getting up in the morning and have a lot of patience, is a must. But fore sure, knowing the songs can in turn help you to find the birds locations more easily.